How to Play NLCB Lotto Plus in Trinidad and Tobago

NLCB Lotto Plus Slip

The Trinidad and Tobago Lotto Plus playslip has five panels each containing two groups of numbers. The first group numbered from 1 through 35  and the Powerball group from 1 through 10. You may play any number of panels with each panel costing $5.00.

Select 5 numbers from group one  and 1 number from the Powerball group in each panel that you wish to play by marking the numbers with a dark blue or black pen or pencil. All selections must be marked by a vertical line that fills at least 50% of the total box. Do Not Use Red Ink since your numbers will not register.

If you wish to have the terminal randomly select  your numbers, mark the “QP”(quick pick) box in each panel according to the number of quick picks you wish. You may select your own numbers AND play Quick Picks on the same bet slip  but NOT on the same panel. Either your own number selections OR a Quick Pick can be played in each panel but not both.

If you make a mistake, mark the “VOID” box. Do not erase.

You can play Lotto Plus for 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 draws. To play your numbers for more than one draw at a time, mark the appropriate box on the left side of the Lotto Plus playslip under “DRAWS”.

You will receive a ticket from the On-Line terminal that lists your chosen game, draw date(s) and numbers. It is your responsibility to check your Trinidad and Tobago Lotto Plus ticket immediately to make sure it represents the correct game, draw date(s) and numbers. The following is an example of a Lotto Plus ticket.

Lotto Plus Ticket

Lotto Plus Ticket

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Tobago player

Why tobago does not win the lotto?


can i have the last five highest lotto plus winning jackpot numbers


They will not because most Maga jackpot the government takes it and claims someone wins it so how can they publish themselves


Can foreign nationals play Lotto Plus


Most certainly, we already have Venezuelan, Colombian, Santo Dominican, Guyanese, Grenadian, Nigerian, Jamaican, Chinese and more playing. So feel free, play your numbers.


What do you get with 3 numbers no power ball


One, only one “Free Quick Pick”, nothing more, nothing less.


if you get three numbers in the lotto plus what do you win? including the power ball

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