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Hi! Thanks for playing our All Fours online game.

If you came here because you found a problem with the game please try to explain exactly what you were doing when the problem occurred. Otherwise feel free to leave any suggestions you have.

As the game is still in active development, let us know what are some All Fours rules or game features you would most like to see in the comments below.

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Please note that while we appreciate all the feedback given, the person responsible for developing the game currently does not have the time to continue updating it. There is a possibility that we will get someone else to continue working on the game or we may take over development ourselves but I cannot say when that will be.




Hi guys. Love the All Fours trial. Suggestions. Have a ranking system and include a “loss” point (eg 5 wins, 10 loss, 3abandon games) in Player profile. This will discourage people abandoning games.


So childish when they abandon the game when their jack gets hang. This is an awesome suggestion. 👌


Love it !!!! All I want is a chat box to communicate with my partner …


I love the game….I understand it’s a work in progress…..a few more emojis and a side bar to chat will be fine 🙂. Maybe an option to upload a real pic on your profile.


I absolutely love this game. I wish it had some
More emoji or voice but it’s so much fun. Thank you for bringing it on board.


The game I love it should be able to txt send emojis


In the event that yall are updating the game it would be nice to include a chat box for partners and one for the entire board.


Most fun I have had in a long while. Not much of a phone/online game person but this was simple and lovely. Please put a spin bottom, for play around.
Keep it simple and authentic. I love it.
No chat is perfect.
60 seconds perfect
Simple platform perfect
Private game and public perfect
Limited chat and signs perfect (y’all know how Trini like to cuss and passionate about this game) so keep chat off. I fear the real game with d players in my family cause I does get buff n cuss for doing crap, which I do at times🤣😅😅. So thank for this game.


You cannot stand up without trump.


60 seconds is too long to make a decision, it should be 30 seconds, plus there should be two more icons, 10 and Jack. Great game.


Nah boi that’s good. Especially for ppl like me who at for fun. And don’t know the full science behind the game. 😁


Great Trini culture game, after someone leaves the game it should instantly inform us instead of having us wait 60 seconds to find out. There should be a “10” icon along with the suits so the players could ask their partner to “come 10.” Lastly there should not be a chat area but maybe some fixed Trini slangs like, yuh reach by the water and you cannot bathe, when yuh done deal you done deal, how many roads to Diego… just to keep the culture alive. Excellent game.


Love this game as is. Putting in a chat option would only lead to players insulting each other and taking long to play . Better graphics and the option to display your own photo would be nice . Also better emojis


True, great game, wish it had a roll eye tho lol


Love the game! But it can be improved by having a chat option, allowing the team pair to communicate more efficiently. If not a chat, cause this can encourage unwanted/vulgar behavior, create an automated chat section, where one can only choose from the “bank” of phrases/reactions. Also, adding accounts so that one is able to log in and personalize their account and username/avatar/icon image. Additionally, a ranking system can be later added so that persons are able to play with other players who are on the same level, thus ensuring a fair game play for all. Lastly, more emojis/reactions can be added, this is for the purpose of one being able to express themselves better during the match to ensure a more efficient and enjoyable game play.


That is an excellent idea (ranking), so every time you play a game you get a score, maybe win/total played…


I really like this game. Is it available for download? Almost everyone I get as a partner is a really good all fours player. I don’t have a problem with it d only thing I don’t have no1 online at the moment to play with 😢


there should be a title bar for telling your partner what to play and vice versa


Would be nice if persons could put their names in as well. Also need more emoji loke angry face or straight face when your patner make an idiot move.


I think u could at least have better sign and sometime the game does stick to often that u have to leave and come back


I think that the home page should display the number of persons that are online playing


We need an angry😡 and straight face 😑emoji in this game. I feel like I can’t express my frustration enough with these existing limited emojis when your partner playing trashhhhh.


I have a suggestion regarding revealing your partner’s cards when you stand. I think as is the custom with the actual game, your partner’s cards should only be revealed after you play your first card, not when the decision to stand is made.

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