All Fours Feedback

Hi! Thanks for playing our All Fours online game.

If you came here because you found a problem with the game please try to explain exactly what you were doing when the problem occurred. Otherwise feel free to leave any suggestions you have.

As the game is still in active development, let us know what are some All Fours rules or game features you would most like to see in the comments below.

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there should be a title bar for telling your partner what to play and vice versa


Would be nice if persons could put their names in as well. Also need more emoji loke angry face or straight face when your patner make an idiot move.


I think u could at least have better sign and sometime the game does stick to often that u have to leave and come back


I think that the home page should display the number of persons that are online playing


We need an angry😡 and straight face 😑emoji in this game. I feel like I can’t express my frustration enough with these existing limited emojis when your partner playing trashhhhh.


I have a suggestion regarding revealing your partner’s cards when you stand. I think as is the custom with the actual game, your partner’s cards should only be revealed after you play your first card, not when the decision to stand is made.

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