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It seems like NLCB will resume in September like most other businesses! Keep in mind that when they do……they would definitely look to get back what they’ve lost since operations seized in mid May! So expect nastier, nastier plays from day 1. On the plus side, for all avid punters ……ALL THE MARKS ARE SHELF MARKS NOW!!!


Angel,A Pleasent to all, Hope all is doing fine ,Hello to Candice , Munch, Seeta and others,only touching base ,all should take their Vaccin, I took mines , 1st and 2nd, all the staffs there were really Pleasent caring ,I took my at Sangre Grande Health Centre ,be safe to all,Love to all….


Greetings to all , Is this the day we are going to get some good news ? ? ? .
Take care and best regards to all .


Good morning 🌞. All. Just touching base. Hope everyone is doing well and has been vaccinated if you want to. Remember it’s your personal choice. You cannot be forced


Good afternoon all. Does anyone know when play whe will re open?


Greetings , All aboard and ready to set sail , hopefully sooner than later .


I saw the grocery selling scratch by the cashier today…. hmmm


Hey guys jus checking in yesterday on my way home i pass a booth close to me cleaning out so i dont no if they may be opening bk up soon


Angel , A Pleasent Good Night to all ,Hope all is well be safe ,we will meet one day ,Hope for the Best ,God’s Blessings to all ,lots of love to all ….


Angel , A Special Good Night to all Playwhe Friends ,Hope all is Safe and doing well , Saying hello to Seeta ,Candace , Munch ,and others wishing you all a Pleasent Good Night ,we will meet again with our Playwhe Chats ,God’s Blessings to all ,lots of love to all ….


blessings everyone keep safe and GOD bless you and your familyπŸ™


Hey nlcb i thought i wud of miss you but i did not…shewww…..


Greetings , With a little more Discipline , Patience and Understanding , we will be well on our way to normalcy .

Have a great day all .


Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads πŸ₯°


Angel , A Blessed and Happy Saturday to all , and a Happy Labour Day to all my Play whe friends ,Hope all is well , and staying indoors ,well well we have to face this Pandemic ,talking all Precauions, A safe happy Weekend , God’s loves to all ,be safe , and lots of love to all…


Blessings to all hope all is well pressure on my side like wow not even a bush whe whe i could play to rope in a lil change if anyone knows anyone with hampers offering please remember me


Sorry to hear about your predicament πŸ˜”.
Have you Tried living waters?? You can also try your local govt in your constituency I think you were giving out from the govt I could be mistaken.


Morning Folks

How you all doing. I miss my NLCB yes. I took the Astra Zeneca yesterday since i am frontline. I had some mild side effects during the night. Will let you all know as the days go by. Other coworkers took the Chinese vaccine and had no symptoms at all. Keep safe people this virus is serious.


Hey hottie how u feeling??
Thank youπŸ˜‡


Hey i feel good. I just miss meh nlcb🀣🀣🀣. Have the other shot august 3rd.


You do get symptons for about 24 hours from the ASTRAZENECA. Sinopharm i heard is less symptoms


Angel , A Blessed and Happy Sunday to all my Playwhe Friends ,How you all are doing OK, we all have to stay at Home , one day, hoping that we can over come this trying times, Seeta, desertrose, CC123,all the Playwhe Friends ,I cannot get all the names ,hope all is doing well ,enjoy your Sunday ,and a Productive Week adhead , Stay Safe ,God’s Blessings to all ,lot and lots of Love to all …..


You’ll keeping good


Happy Holiday to all. Hope you all making the use of the lock down holiday planting, tending to your flower garden, cleaning closets, pantry etc

Eating and drinking

Stay safe and blessed folks. It would soon over

Make sure and take your vaccine for those who can even though you are under 60. Sometime these clinics do mass vaccination days so look out for it

Keep yourself occupied



Morning guys, just checking in. Hope all is well with everyone πŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


Angel , A Blessed and Happy Holiday to all ,I am just saying Happy Indian Arrival Day to all ,be Hello Seeta, how are you , I hope you are safe I am missing Playwhe so much ,I am Praying everyday for fast and better life to all ,be safe all ,lots of love to all …..


Hey guys just checking in Happy holiday hope you guys are staying safe


Angel , A Pleasent and safe Good Night to all ,I hope all is safe and well , Thanks so much desertrose hope you are fine ,Prays is our only answer for us ,The Lord will protect us with his arms around us,healing and protecting us from this evil , satan ,this is unseen, no one cannot see this virus so sad, very scary , The Lord will protect us ,Sweet Dreams to all , be safe , lots of love to all …..


Good night Angel.

Everything is fir a short time. Continue following all Covid-19 protocols. Avoid going out.

Keep safe. Prayers is the answer.

We would all get it over

Keep safe each and everyone. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β€οΈπŸ’πŸ’€


Angel ,A pleasent Good Night to all ,This is really frighting ,every day we have to listen to these Sad News ,it is really scary I am so afraid to be out, I pray for every one ,so we could be back to normal ,when when !!!! thanks so much CC123 be safe lots of love to you ,God’s Blessings to all…


Angel ,A Pleasent Good Night to all, only checking out to all , I am OK ,taking all the protocols ,staying home , Ghostwriter ,Goldfish , CC123 , and others, stay safe , God’s Blessings to all ,lots of love to all …..


You be safe too hun
Much love to you and the rest of the play whe family


Be safe friends, blessings to all.


Ah playing 99 @ 4pm

C.L. Financial

What played at 4 pm Gold. U won. Lol


Morning dessert, CC, CL Phoenix,the rest. Am here all is well for now. Hope you and all the rest are doing well and practicing all safety protocols. Keep on praying πŸ‘»


Hi ghost
Hope everyone is doing fine
And maintaining the protocols

Be safe

C.L. Financial

CC123 nice to know all is well stay safe too

C.L. Financial

Good evening All. All is well with me Ghostwriter. Just trying to stay safe. Happy to hear from you

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