How to play All Fours Online

The following is a guide for how to play all fours online.

Joining a game

When you join a game you might be greeted by a message such as that shown in the image below. This will keep track of how many more players are needed before the game will start. Players will join over time so you may have to be a little patient.

You can hit Cancel at any time to stop the process and return to the all fours home page.

Taking your turn


As soon as four players are assembled, the first person who joined the game will become the first dealer. That player must tap on the Deal button to have the system handle all the hassle of shuffling, cutting and dealing in one step.


The player to the right of the dealer will have to make a decision whether to Beg or to Stand:

Running the pack

When a player begs the dealer will be prompted to either Give one or Run Pack. Occasionally, running the pack will not change the trump. The dealer will then have to Run Again and may even be forced to Redeal. The dealer will be prompted in a similar fashion whenever necessary.


When it is your turn to play the board will turn green and a timer icon appears above your cards. Play a card by tapping on it:

Whichever player needs to take action will have their board turn green and they will have limited time to make a decision indicated by the countdown shown as Time left to play in the image. Players who don’t play in time will be removed from the game under the assumption that they are no longer active. If an inactive player is removed, the game will pause until a new player joins.

Your partner

Your partner sits opposite to you at the table. Their high cards and the number of trump cards they are holding is shown on screen to help you decide the best course of action.

Only you can see your partner’s information; the opposing team cannot.

Your opponents

Your opponents are seated adjacent to you. You can keep track of who is this round’s dealer as indicated by a red deck icon next to the player’s location:

The score

As the game progresses the scoreboard keeps track of the score and the “count- for-game” for the round. Your team’s score and count-for-game is identified under “We” while the opposing team’s is shown under “Dem”.

Check out the full all fours game rules for a more in depth explanation of how all fours is typically played or click the button below to join the queue to play all fours online.

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I love this game but it have unskilled players and what gets me most upset as soon as they get there jack hang they gone hmmmmmm it’s just a game


Please let us start to use credit cards so we can win real money


There should be ar jackpot prize


People don’t respect this game ,, as soon the game starts to play there will forfeit d game


It would be nice if
1) a player could state their competency level eg unskilled, intermediate, pro…. So pro players don’t get irritated with the unskilled player and send 👎🏼 these type of signs
2) players maybe could choose the level they want to play at regardless of competency level.. Eg an unskilled player could choose to play in a pro game
3) players with same competency level could be matched


really do think a chat box would do fine, eliminating any kind of obscene language by all mean tho, I enjoy the game just wish I could’ve communicate with my partner more, sometimes you playing an on a winning streak but cant even tell yuh partner good game, please bring the online game alil more to life 😊


How to get my handle to show instead of player number


Good question

This is not the official NLCB website