How to Play NLCB Play Whe in Trinidad and Tobago

NLCB Play Whe Slip

The Trinidad and Tobago Play Whe play slip has five (5) play panels, titled PANEL A, PANEL B, PANEL C, PANEL D and PANEL E. Each panel contains numbers 1 through 36. Select 1 number per panel by blocking it out in pen or pencil. Do Not Use Red Ink. If you make a mistake, mark the “VOID” box, Do Not Erase. For each panel, you may select the desired amount to wager.

If you would like the terminal to select a random number, mark the “QUICK PICK” box.

To play your numbers for more than one draw at a time, mark the appropriate box on the left side of the play slip under “DAYS”. This will play your panels for as many days as you want, up to 6 days (Monday through Saturday). Days selected may or may not be consecutive. Also, you may play either the Morning, Midday, Afternoon or Evening draw only, or a combination of two or three draws. You can play all four draws by selecting “ALL”. The draws selected will apply to all days selected.

You will receive a ticket from the On-Line terminal that lists your chosen game, draw date(s) and numbers. Remember: always check your Play Whe ticket before you leave the store.

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hey if you play a mark for 2 dollars and the mark played with 3 bonus ball how much you suppose to get?


New payout on mega balls


Hey anybody help me out 3by 3 all balls how much money I win

Mb 85×3/mu 100×3/mx 125×3 and 72 dollars for the 3 dollars




Hey good morning, I won the 9 yesterday morning , 3 by 3 all the balls, any body could tell me how much money I suppose to get, sent a guy to change it an something kinda fishy thanks



This is not the official NLCB website