How to Win and Collect Cash Pot Prizes

The following are the different ways you can win NLCB Cash Pot Prizes:

Matching Numbers in One Play Panel             Odds

All 5 of 5 Winning Numbers                            1 in 15,504

Any 4 of 5 Winning Numbers                          1 in 206.72

Any 3 of 5 Winning Numbers                          1 in 14.77

Prizes are 60% of sales.

All winning tickets must be validated at an On-Line Agent and claimed no later than 180 days from the draw date.

The Agent will pay prizes of $5,600 or less. In order to claim prizes more than $5,600, you must claim them at the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB).

The Cash Pot ticket is the only valid proof of your number selection and is the only valid receipt to claim a prize. The NLCB is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

Tickets, transactions and winners are subject to NLCB rules, regulations and procedures.

Tickets are void and will not be paid if unissued, illegible, previously paid, mutilated, misprinted, not properly registered with the Lottery Central Computer, or altered in any way.

Winners are required to participate in advertising, publicity or promotions sponsored by NLCB.

Must be 18 years or older to play.

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How to Play Cash Pot

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I have 4 numbers with multiplier ..what do i get?

Hi if I get 3 numbers and multiplier how much I get?

Hi goodnight I got 3 # with the multiplier what do it get for that

Hello if you have 4 numbers in a cash pot how much money is that?

Gdnite in d system u can choose yuh own # ord computer pick it for u?

Hi 4 numbers on 20 of the first how much is that

Hi do you win any money if you get three numbers ?

hi i got 4 numbers for saturday 25th nov., how much did it pay

Hi I got 3 numbers in today’s cash pot. Do I get anything?

Hi, I got 3 numbers in draw # 5285 what do I win

maybe 5 dollar

Hi do u get. Anything. For. 2 numbers in the cashpot

Hi how much do it get if it have 2 numbers?

Yeah,u get to play again

What do you get with 4 number

If u get 2 numbers with the multiplier do I get anything

Is the multiplier applicable to a 5 of 5 winning

I only get 1,5,13 ,,,,,,,I played 1, 3, 5 , 13, 16

If you buy a quick print and get three numbers in the cash pot what you win

once you get 3 number and up u will win something but 3 number with 5 to 30 dolar depending of the multiplier

3 out of 5 number gets me what?


Good night, I played a system 8 and on the draw # does not correspond with this afternoons draw…please assist this is unfair and unjust.

I am trying to get the #frequency in the cashpot but iam getting problem can u help?

I have 3 an dey numbers an dey multiplier

14.00 $

You must be careful that you don’t get rob, because some of the tellers are very dishonest In payouts

Not for help would they answer the questions and you can’t find answers on the website. Publish the quantum of winnings – how much for 3 and 4 numbers multiplied by whatever the multiplier is!!!

How much money do a person get if they have 3 winning numbers in the cash Pot?

i have 4 numbers and the multiplier for draw 5038 how much do i win


If I won the cashpot do I sign my name to the back so no one can claim it but me? If not what other safety measures can be taken to ensure the person I give it to at the board dont claim it for themselves also?

If no one wins the cash pot for the day what happens

Could the num b in any order

I have three numbers n the multiplier is three what do I win?

I have three of the numbers for the cashpot draw 4882. is there any prize money to be collected from this? i don’t know what the multiplier is…

How do u know how much u won if u got 4 numbers and the multiplier is 4? Thanks

how do you know exactly how much youve won if you got 4 numbers and the multipliyer is 4