How to Win and Collect NLCB Pick 4 Prizes

PIck 4 Prizes

Note: Pick 4 prizes are dependent on which of the bet types they have selected.

All winning tickets must be validated at an On-Line Terminal and claimed no later than 180 days from the draw date.

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How to Play Pick 4

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Paula fraser

Pick four played 2345 I played 2354 oder an any order for $1. I also played it first 3 front an back in order an any order for $1 how much is my winnings

Paula fraser

Pick four played 2345 I played 2454 order an any first 3 front an back also in order or any order. What’s my winnings


5315 played I played 1531 do I get anything

Lotto Wiz

No you don’t win, Only if you box 1355 or 5531 box, It must be all 4 digits

Big play

I play 4155 do i win

Outer towner

Do I get anything for 3 numbers in the pick 4, I don’t know.?


Played 3131 today for 6.30 draw did I win anything


I played 2190 and they played 6192 do I win any ting


I Played 2141 in any order and The extras

Need help

Need help
I play 3120 and 1123
Did i win anyting ???????


Don’t understand the back 3 front 3 play someone

Kerwin Phillip

English language could be tricky sometimes difficult, but if some of you just take time to read & understand you won’t post some of these stupid questions here.


Very well said.


This pick four is a waste of time and Money I would not recommend anyone playing this game they should get rid of it I played I got three numbers any order went to redeem only to see printed big and bold not a winner. I ask the lotto attendant how you does play that game she wasn’t able to tell me cause she didn’t know herself steups nlcb ally uh nah easy nah


Thats what happening here with me i play it today and i had 3 out of 4 and i gain nth


just bet all three box in there pannels and you will hit sure bro….$3+3+=6 betting insurance.:0


The name of the game is pick 4 not pick 3


The pick 4 game is very simple,Mainly to win is to bet ,so understand what bet you make…..Let’s do 1,2,3 …ok! Bet $1 on both=$2…….Bet $1 first 3 Both=$2……………bet $1 on last 3 both=$2…………..>>>>>Now you just bet $6!!!!!!!!So if 1234 played and you played 1235, then you will win front 3 for both prizes,order and anyorder .which pays $1300+++$$$$ ,AS you can up bet to mega play………………..


look at this bro


If I have the last 2 numbers, do I win anything?


prizes are as you bet any and order


If I get 3 number different order do I get anything

If I have the first 2 numbers exact order do I win anything


Do u get anything with 3numbers in the pick4


Today 4 o’clock play 3071 n I have 2017 do I win anything?


How much do i get for first 3 numbers any oder in pick 4