How to Win and Collect NLCB Pick 4 Prizes

PIck 4 Prizes

Note: Pick 4 prizes are dependent on which of the bet types they have selected.

All winning tickets must be validated at an On-Line Terminal and claimed no later than 180 days from the draw date.

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How to Play Pick 4

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If I get 3 number different order do I get anything

If I have the first 2 numbers exact order do I win anything

Do u get anything with 3numbers in the pick4

Today 4 o’clock play 3071 n I have 2017 do I win anything?

How much do i get for first 3 numbers any oder in pick 4

If I play the 2617 ord x 5tt and any x 5tt and get 1210 won something with 2 numbers in any order?

What about three different number any order what do you get for that?

If I have all the numbers the same way it play but I play any order what I win

If 1522 play and I play 2255 do I win any thing ?

I got three numbers in order will I get anything for it

W8 u dont get anything for 2 numbers ? Lol

I just got three numbers in any order and got nothing the machine play 3217 i play 2017 and got not one cent

Well if u had 3 instead of 0 u would have won

If get three numbers in pick4what do you get?

So if 3057 played and I play 5703 how much I winning ?