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Pick 4 Results

NLCB Pick 4 Results in Trinidad and Tobago are updated after the Pick 4 draws which occur Monday - Saturday at 10:30 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM and 6:30 PM. At the bottom of the displayed results is a search form that you can use to check previous Pick 4 results. We make every effort to update the NLCB Pick 4 results immediately after every draw.

This is not the official NLCB website. However, our results are primarily acquired from the NLCB's televised draws to ensure accuracy.

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How to Play NLCB Pick 4

How to Win and Collect Pick 4 Prizes in Trinidad and Tobago

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Na na nlcb allya thiefing the poor man now wit allya software I play them numbers this morning and allya play it lunch time ridiculious cheaters !


Well yes what I tell allya about that 9753 same thing I said earlier !
1. I really interpretating those nlcb nasty plays
2. they have blasted spies in here!

And don’t even think about that blasted 9753 they ripp of big time with that with 9734

Ticky we in the same boat you know how long I running down that 6428 any order since yesterday an d this morning but they blasted nasty with their software !!!!

Their software shows them the percentage of the high roller numbers from the gamblers and won’t play it blasted robbery !!!

They cheat the people !
Stop using software nlcb !

I playing that 20 dollars anyoder since yesterday morning and when I ain’t play it they blasted play it lunch time Steusp they just don’t give players the opportunity to win big money I would of got about 4000 just for 20 dollars anyorder with that 2846 their software recognizes the ! players high gamble utter blasted nonsense

I mad


Greetings , Looking forward to a great week for all .
Pick4 for Monday 16th to Saturday 21st April 2018 .
# 0160 # 7825 # 2394 # 6438 .
Good Luck to all .

Munch for the past 3 days I been seeing we only getting one # less from ur #s but I have a feeling it close and ur # s going to play not giving up

Greetings to all.
Pick4 # 0780 # 1526 # 9213 # 9369 .
Good Luck and Have a great day all .

Greetings to all , Pull in a sou sou yesterday and more to come .
Pick4 # 0780 # 1526 # 9213 # 9369 .
Replace the winning pick4 with another number .
Good Luck and Have a great day all.

Hopefully we will get the last draw,

0728 we come. Clost

A lil gas money


Munch good night when did that 9394 play I vex I play it Tuesday 4 pm and stop

Now reading properly yesterday ahh shocks

Morning Lady , Neesy gave me the heads up that my numbers are playing a few days after I put it up , My Pick4 numbers numbers goes up from Monday to Saturday now . Have a great weekend .


Post up the latest pick 4 na man


Don’t you realize only in the last draw they will rob you big time that is why they play double numbers because they know everyone plays in the evening !

6957/ 1738/ 8604

Am add to ur list 2538

Greetings to all ,Pick4 till Sat 14th April .
Pick4 # 0780 # 1526 # 9394 # 9213
Good Luck All .

Omg much u there? The 9394 play I ain’t play because my pay come in late but if I have chips I wud of definitely get them

Greetings to all .
Pick4 # 0780 # 1526 # 9394 .
Have a great day all .

Good marks 9394 came for 4pm


Won it for 5500

Do I get any money for having the last 2 numbers in order?

Munch darling idk if u play but if u check on the 4th u posted 7148 well the play it straight just like dat. And if u check the 2nd u posted 8169, imagine if u was playing just four #sstraight for the week

Greeting Hennessy , It happens with Cashpot also, Most of the time i select my numbers two or three days to early . Every day i select fresh numbers because of my system . Will have to reconsider my system , Thanks for the notification .

Imagine I played 7148 on the 4th of April and three days after on Sat 4th the number pop up straight , This happen on many occasion and i will have to reconsider my system . I will try playing the numbers from Monday to Saturday and see hot it goes . Thanks again for the suggestion .

Greetings to all .
Pick4 # 2768 # 1045 # 1394 .
Have a great day all .

Do u win anything with 3 numbers

Greetings to all .
Pick4 # 0158 # 7926 # 9394 .
Have a great day all

Munch watch the pick 4 you posted 5th 0158 and they bring 5801

Greetings to all .
Pick4 # 0256 # 8738 # 8394 # 7148 .
Have a great day all .

Greetings to all .
Pick4 # 1268 # 0357 # 7394 .
Have a great day all .

Please hw much do i get when I win 2 dollars in pick 4

How did you play it order or any order ?

I played any order

Greetings to all .
Pick4 # 0270 # 8691 # 5394 .
Have a great day all .

Greeting to all & Happy Easter .
Pick4 # 0127 # 9896 # 5394 .
Have a great day all .

Greetings to all .
Pick4 # 2568 # 3314 # 7394 # 0790 .
Have a great day all .

Greetings to all .
Pick4 # 0126 # 7454 # 8394 .
Have a great day all .

8835 played but i played
8888 do i win anything at all?

Greetings to all .
Pick4 # 0257 # 9145 # 8394 .
Have a great day all .

Money MadmanπŸ—πŸ·

I played this for third draw ,please tell me if I win , Admin


If u had played back 3 any order you would have won $180 , I would advice when playing play order , any order , front 3 and back 3 order any order … It’s mostly costly but your choice