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NLCB Play Whe Results in Trinidad and Tobago are updated after the Play Whe draws which occur Monday - Saturday at 10:30 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM and 6:30 PM. At the bottom of the Play Whe results for today there is a search form that you can use to check previous Play Whe results and a section showing what are we under today in Play Whe. Please note that this is not the official NLCB website. However, our results are primarily acquired from the NLCB's televised draws to ensure accuracy. The Verified icon indicates that the results were verified from viewing the televised draw. The Megaball draw will only be displayed when results are verified.

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Admin you have no need to withhold for review,see I don’t believe in posting mundane or anything provocative…I stay clean and clear from vice indecency or all things unclean I like funny but clean and wisdom. I also understand you have your policy and yes you are the administrator of the site…..I have no need of them responding or replying…as stated on the post…perhaps wisdom should have been applied by me to edit before sending…To all who read my post on aging and enjoying life please acknowledge that you are not obligated to send back to me… anyway👻


Hi Ghostwriter…..apparently I’m the only one who remembers when you were ailing…… my advice to you is that you should also try to remember when you use to have those brain bleeds because if you can’t remember when you use to , that means you are remembering the opposite…..THINK ABOUT WHAT IM SAYING…….
If you want I can explain and give reason for my claim….


Morning all Toes ,new, Phoenix everyone happy Sunday, I was given this from a WhatsApp friend and found it sweet so I want to share with more than 7 makes you think of things differently. So just put a smile on your face my friends … Phoenix you must have read it already…..Enjoy this. I am forwarding this to those on my “mature” mailing list because, it is so well written. Please send back, (I did) It’s neat. Don’t delete this one, you’ll laugh when you see the return message. As I’ve aged, I’ve become kinder to, and less critical… Read more »


10 is my mark for in d morning


Doh forget to reverse it 01..;-) that’s my mark


ok thanks only playing 10&1 in d morning.Newbie do you like any other number by chance besides d 1


On another note this is for my friend Ghostwriter…….. I’m so happy and grateful to hear that all is well with your mom and that for 84 yrs of age she’s doing well and enjoying life!…. I’m also happy to know that you’re also in perfect health and yes I remember when you use to have brain bleeds…… Can you remember?…..I’m sure that you can. Continue to enjoy life and remember that positive thoughts and prayers alone don’t work by themselves, they need the ( Imagery backed by positive feelings of love and positive words ) are the cure for… Read more »


Hello Phoenix,thanks .I am a little confused with what you said about remembering when I used to have….I want to believe one of two things either you knew someone who had brain bleed or you seeing a miracle coming my way for total healing cause this is only my second ever bleed. I would put your statement as the latter cause I strongly believe we really don’t know. But either way I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Happy Sunday 👻Enjoy this. I am forwarding this to those on my “mature” mailing list because, it is so well written. Please send back, (I… Read more »


Blessed love to my playwhe family!….. yesterday was also another beautiful productive day, two losses and two wins .
I got the last two dogs 20 and 17
I was pissed at myself for not playing the first one for more money that I just had to play it again…
Nevertheless I give thanks and praises!…
Congrats to all players also!!!
Enjoy the rest of your wknd…!!


Have a safe and blessed weekend everyone. Remember prayers always first…no joke
Play whe after…. LOL. 🙂 Lil joke to pass the weekend


same to u newbie

Angy bird1🐦

Well my best bird played. ,So am very happy lol 😹.I going and celebrate this win
🐦🐥🐤 birds yehh.


Congrats, saw the pic too late had probs with internet. Good job man

Angy bird1🐦

Yeh thanks ,but carful with d” man ‘ word lol
Is woman.


Lol sorry no pun intended, jus being ah trini , you know like saying “everything kool man” Lol.


OK folks like I break the Saturday jinx, 2 loss x 2 win but handsome profit. Now to deal with the Tuesday jinx next week.
Have a blessed weekend everyone, remember Ghostwriter in you prayers, stay safe and God bless.
Remember Our Home is in Heaven, we are all just travelling through here.

My Home is in Heaven.JPG

Congrats toes have a good weekend.

Renaissance man

Blessings on your success…have a pleasant weekend…but I have to ask why only two wins and not three?


Nice shot Angrybird1 Toes my brother say you slap that pigeon man…silver platter right👻

Angy bird1🐦

Hey ,sorry to hear of your situation .My prays with you love.
Gost writer . life is such .
All d best .


Ghostwriter sorry go here of ur condition.God is Healer trust him.Speedy recovery


Well my play whe family today was nice seeing money was paid congrats have a great weekend all .


This mega train so salty eh


Got it


Nah boy was not looking out for that seventeen dey nah steups

BB girl

So to hear God is good always stay strong 🤗😇😇


17 with white ball blah


stay strong ghostwriter.







Rasta t

3 is d mark


Thanks everyone,for your prayers and support…. They say when it rains it pours. Such a true saying. Two weeks into my first hospitalization my mum had a mild stroke. I take care of her at home.when I went away again,she ask where I wasn’t…..they were afraid to tell her. She continues to improve. She’s 84 ,inspire of everything I thank God she is alive everyday. Toes I would add you to my list. As God says we need to pray for each other. Cause we are our brothers keeper👻


God is great you are a blessed child of god, always think positive, believe and be strong. Prayers and faith come hand in hand.


All of the time newbie and all of the time God Is Good


My prays are with you Ghost be strong your a truly wonderful kind hearted soul




i have tears in my eyes …i lost my mom for the christmas holdays last year at the age of 85… god never gives you a burden you cannot carry


1 mega




Straight mark …10


I like 34/10







14 32 33 10 28 good luck guys hope to win