Play Whe Results Statistics

This Play Whe Statistics page is a work in progress so your feedback in the comments below will be appreciated. Let us know what kind of Play Whe information you would like to see here.

Top Numbers this Month ( Jul-2018 )

NumberTimes Played
7 4
14 4
11 4
1 4
18 4

Top Numbers last Month ( Jun-2018 )

NumberTimes Played
23 8
16 7
6 7
21 5
8 4

Top Numbers that played on 21-Jul in the past.

NumberTimes Played
13 6
3 4
12 3
36 3
27 3
8 2
32 2
4 2
7 2
25 2

When last did each number play

17773 21-Jul-18 Evening 17
17772 21-Jul-18 Afternoon 20
17771 21-Jul-18 Midday 30
17770 21-Jul-18 Morning 18
17769 20-Jul-18 Evening 29
17768 20-Jul-18 Afternoon 19
17767 20-Jul-18 Midday 4
17766 20-Jul-18 Morning 21
17765 19-Jul-18 Evening 26
17764 19-Jul-18 Afternoon 3
17763 19-Jul-18 Midday 8
17762 19-Jul-18 Morning 1
17761 18-Jul-18 Evening 24
17760 18-Jul-18 Afternoon 2
17759 18-Jul-18 Midday 7
17758 18-Jul-18 Morning 27
17757 17-Jul-18 Evening 22
17756 17-Jul-18 Afternoon 11
17755 17-Jul-18 Midday 31
17754 17-Jul-18 Morning 15
17753 16-Jul-18 Evening 33
17752 16-Jul-18 Afternoon 14
17750 16-Jul-18 Morning 9
17749 14-Jul-18 Evening 23
17746 14-Jul-18 Morning 5
17742 13-Jul-18 Morning 16
17740 12-Jul-18 Afternoon 6
17737 11-Jul-18 Evening 35
17733 10-Jul-18 Evening 12
17732 10-Jul-18 Afternoon 10
17726 09-Jul-18 Morning 13
17724 07-Jul-18 Afternoon 34
17713 04-Jul-18 Evening 36
17704 02-Jul-18 Afternoon 25
17667 21-Jun-18 Midday 32
17622 07-Jun-18 Morning 28

Total number of times each number has played

NumberTimes Played
33 432
20 445
10 454
19 458
35 466
9 467
16 473
15 474
23 477
3 477
7 480
4 483
24 488
8 492
25 492
27 494
21 494
13 496
12 496
18 497
32 498
11 499
22 499
36 501
30 501
5 501
2 506
34 510
14 512
29 515
1 518
31 519
17 522
28 528
26 529
6 532

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19,21,3,5,16,6,15,32,32,26,4,8,34,36 todays nums


i not seeing 15 playing after today i stop playing if15 ent play…. i stop playing since in the late 90s but only cuz my neighbour got a machine last thu for the convience of walking accross i am playing but it ent make sense no more playing i can find somethng to do with my money…..cuzi hearing alot of people complaying that when u mining a mark nlcb dont play it….gonna cut my losses and move away from this todayi


Admin How long again do we have to wait for the playwhe site to start back working so we the players can communicate it’s taking rather long I find

Poor man

Admin can u please give me a winning mark

Jesus Christ

I have a group of numbers that I am 100% POSITIVELY sure that ONE will play!!!
Here they are: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36.

I will put my head on a block or go up on a cross, that one of them numbers will play.

Need help

😂😂 tru buh hw much ur profit gonna b??

Intelligent person

Reading the comments here, I still cant believe that after so long, there are people that think Play Whe has a pattern.


Another stats that might be helpful is to show which number frequently played with the Maga Ball since the introduction of the Mega Ball. It will help guide us.

Get lucky

Nlcb i would like 2 see some happy players atlease fuh 2 tuh 3 dsys run ah lil mega straigth dan take we money every day let we take slyuh own once self nah gosh boi is only angry players on this wall let we c some happy players


Hi can the chart kept at outlets be posted for perusal online please?????


Play whe is rig it suppose to be 19-35.. Horse on track.


Alright, so looking at the statistics it is not hard to see that from FEBRUARY 1st. Every single number 1 through 36 has played with NO duplicates. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE. The chances of that ARE NEAR IMPOSSIBLE. This morning 23 came the last remaining numbers. I played it for 500 this morning!!!!! Should’ve shared my info before but this just goes to show!!!!!


wow look at this.

Nuff love

What u like for 1:00



That is not correct it had numbers that played more than once in February, but all of 36 numbers did play.

Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ

This is INCORRECT information. Also, the word ‘impossible’ and the phrase ‘near impossible’ are TOTALLY different. This leads me to believe that you also probably lied about playing the mark for $500 too

E_ Keston

Like 5,18,23,16


Having read the requests for different styles/formats of statistics, maybe a calendar type spread sheet showing the numbers played each day. That way they might be able to work their magic and figure out what coming next.
Not sure how for back you willing to go with it, L0L.

Josiah Bartholomew

Agreed. A graphics type chart with numbers previously played.


Yep, love the stat bar chart, can see everything at a glance. Keep it up.

Fluffy diva

Good day admin van you compile a chart showing previous plays or favorite plays. Eg. Users can visual go back in time like 2010 and see all the plays for that year and with what .the user would have the option to put in the year however your system would have it by month. So us players can look back on old plays,trends and frequency and win more money. Thank you in advance I humbly request this service.


My Star Numbers for this morning – * 35-12-10-9-1-21-19 *. Blocking – 8-32-33-24.


Gud numbers


How do I get playwhe results as SMS on my bmobile?


Good evening can these comments be up dated from 2017 to 2018 please


I woul like to see hot number stats for the current month and the past month


Hello again Admin, does the section titled ” Total number of times each number has played” refer to the total number of times a number has played in December? Or is it all time?


Hello Admin, can you do statistics for the most played number on a particular day, for example 12 is the most played number on Tuesdays. Also can you do statistics for cashpot, for instance, accurate most played numbers and least played numbers etc.


Admin, why is the numbers that played most on 28 Dec still on 27 Dec? Please update


That 4 coming


Whats the mark for this morning?


need results in a different layout , like perhaps you type the year you wish to search and its layout shows like the charts at the machine where you bet , and maybe a pdf file with all previous statistics ,/


Why are you missing draws in the above results

sugar daddy

does anyone know what is the longest the twenties and teens ever take to play




Wat d mark for the morning




Where do I search to find results for the 22/08/16


How long can a mark go without being played