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Lotto Plus Results

NLCB Lotto Plus Results are updated after the Lotto Plus draws which occur every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM. At the bottom of the displayed results is a search form that you can use to check previous Lotto Plus results. Your Lotto Plus ticket, not the play slip, is your only valid receipt. Winning tickets must be redeemed within 180 days of the Lotto Plus draw date. Good luck.

This is not the official NLCB website. However, our results are primarily acquired from the NLCB's televised draws to ensure accuracy.

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How to play Trinidad and Tobago Lotto Plus

How to Win and Collect Lotto Plus Prizes in Trinidad and Tobago

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We all no who d 1 person go b who winnin it saturday


Angel ,A Blessed Sunday to all ,is any won win the Lotto ? I wish I could really be a winner ,to feel really happy ,congrats to the winner ,if you win you enjoy ,love to all, be safe , love to all…..

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Unofficial NLCB Results Website
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