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NLCB Lotto Plus Results are updated after the Lotto Plus draws which occur every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM. At the bottom of the displayed results is a search form that you can use to check previous Lotto Plus results. Your Lotto Plus ticket, not the play slip, is your only valid receipt. Winning tickets must be redeemed within 180 days of the Lotto Plus draw date. Good luck.

This is not the official NLCB website. However, our results are primarily acquired from the NLCB's televised draws to ensure accuracy.

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How to play Trinidad and Tobago Lotto Plus

How to Win and Collect Lotto Plus Prizes in Trinidad and Tobago

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pb: 2


Lotto 2,8,11,13,15 pb3


Any marks for tomorrow

bago girl



Good night folks numbers of my liking wednesday 06, 11, 16, 24, 31 (6) good luck


I wonder what actually winning the lotto feels like…


Hello everyone, new player, recently played and I have chosen 10 draws and 3 groups of numbers, now if say 4 of my numbers in 1 group play can I claim the payout and still have my ticket for the rest of draws


Hello everyone….can anyone tell me when the lotto plus went from (1-36) to (1-35)?


I believe that was when we switched from 6 numbers to 5 and powerball. Not sure when that actually happened though.

Anita Jaggassar

Good morning folks numbers of my liking today 10,5,3,18 good luck


Morning peeps marks today 5, 7, 33, 32 good luck


Morning , no lotto results as yet ???


@MUNCH, the Lotto which took place Saturday was won by Lee-Sing mini grocery in Moruga


@DSmartPlayer help me out to win something… u sound very intelligent πŸ˜πŸ’β€β™€οΈ


Did anyone win last nights draw?


Lotto has rolled over.


Do I get anything if I get one of the Lotto plus numbers and the power ball number?


No u only get for 3 numbers


No you have to get three numbers upwards

Brown fox

1 17 25 33 34 P 1


Hi good night DsmartPlayer I’m trying to understand the 36 times table need some guide lines from you plz


Hi I have a question,if someone has three numbers an a powerball,does it count

Jennifer N

I think you can cash the ticket in for TT$25.00, however ask the operator for a payout slip for that draw and you will see how much you should receive for the numbers for that draw.


Yeah 3 # counts



Jennifer N

Has there been any update on the 10% tax or thereabouts which is to be deducted from the winnings over $1,000? Thanks πŸ™‚


Jennifer N, yes any winnings over $1000 would be taxed 10%

Jennifer N

Thanks Sammie… I think it would be great if the NLCB/GTECH asked for ID#, names with respect to the 10% tax, this would aid in record keeping at the national level


what do i get if i have 3 numbers?


a quick pick

Frederick naim

My tickete is valideted is winng?

Jennifer N

If “Validated” is printed on the ticket, then it may have been cashed already at the Terminal as the NLCB/GTECH terminal prints that word on the ticket when a payment is being made. ” Not a Winner” is the next option.


Understand the play whe & pick two drawn numbers and you will understand the game. Its as easy as 1-2-3!


Or better yet, understand each number and you can master the game. Example: 28 = 268. The 6 is in the middle of 2&8. The same goes for all the other numbers. Another example is 22. In between 22 is a 4 or a 1 and so on. Learn this principle and u will be able to read the numbers, but be careful, sometimes the numbers are being reversed. Example: 31 can also be 13, a 6 can be a 9. 28 can also be 88(Two eights) and so on. Learn this principle and u will have a foot in the pie. Good Luck!


Is there a chart or something that can help me understand that principle you described above???


Sometimes I think u de lotto people trying to mess we head up.all them theory and nothing coming out-yuh half wicked boi

play master



These numbers drawing tonight guys: 19, 20, 21, 24, 32 PB5


Tonight as in, Wednesday? Or was this meant for Saturday?


Why did you change my name from NLCB&church, ADMIN? LOL


This was a guess guys.


Ah holding yuh to them numbers although I like 19,24 sister in law like de 5



Ke!th !mbert

Thanks!!!! I won πŸ˜€


This game is for dreamers , I could never win this game boi




Check out the false advertising in the papers “Justin Pascall” and you will see where it was purchase. See Todays Newsday!


Can someone say where it was sold


Sold at a Lotto booth in the heart of Trinidad “Lio”. It is always Trinidad, never Tobago.

Jennifer N

Well according to a recent post, some one won the Lotto with a ticket which was sold in Tobago, so a banner may go up saying how much was won via Lotto at that location. :). Plus the outlet gets a commission on tickets sold, I am not sure if it is the number of tickets plus a commission for the value of the winning ticket.. Have to check to see if Business Levy may be due on the commission as the win occurred in Jan 2019, the quarterly tax may be due in March 2019.


Admin – I see you are having fun on your forum creating all dem names.

Whe whe man

Can you teach me how to read the chart please or give me a mark for this evening

Whe whe man

Can you reply and help us out please


Whe whe man scroll down and see they answer yuh message boi thanks

Freddy -Fl

The chart is in your feeling, sometime it just come to you and at times it’s given to you but you have to put it together -although sometimes it happens too late after the fact.Act fast is the best advice


Why don’t you join play whe chat and meet others there if it’s play whe you interested in πŸ‘»


I am just interested in the Play Whe & Pick Two maths “Ghostwriter”!


“Vicks” & “Dab” I want you all to learn your 36 times table from 1 to 36. Example: 36×1=36……36×36=1296. When you master this, I will teach you the skills I have learnt over the years, so when u see a number drawn, right away u can tell what that number was made up of. Here’s an example: 28 is made up of 20+8 = 28 that is what u learnt in school. Now look at 28 this way as I work my way thru 28 to arrive at 11 6 8 = 28. I want you to grasp this principle with all the drawn numbers. You can even add more numbers: 11 4 6 8 16 etc. Learn this it will help u win at PW & PK2, PK4 etc.


Ok going and try that now! πŸ™‚


I did the time table chart. Not sure how to read it


DSmartPlayer how many times have you won the lotto?

Whe whe man

I wana learn them skills as well yes so when u having classes include me plz

Whe whe man

Do you post under the play whe site if so give us some good marks plz

Whe whe man

Dsmartplayer can u give me some numbers to play tomorrow please really need some cash


Hey I don’t understand could u elaborate please DSmartPlayer


Good luck tonight my friends. Think about what you are doing. Use your money wisely.

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