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Lotto Plus Results

NLCB Lotto Plus Results are updated after the Lotto Plus draws which occur every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM. At the bottom of the displayed results is a search form that you can use to check previous Lotto Plus results. Your Lotto Plus ticket, not the play slip, is your only valid receipt. Winning tickets must be redeemed within 180 days of the Lotto Plus draw date. Good luck.

This is not the official NLCB website. However, our results are primarily acquired from the NLCB's televised draws to ensure accuracy.

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How to play Trinidad and Tobago Lotto Plus

How to Win and Collect Lotto Plus Prizes in Trinidad and Tobago

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I think when the lotto rolls over to a large amount the ticket winner should be more than one person that has the matching numbers

2. 5. 12. 26. 32 p8qp

You guy’s do know that the draw is half an hour before the time its aired right? and we live in the 21st centery were technology is fast and can easiely be fixed… e.g build a program that can reseve all the lotto people played before time to show me some numbers that nobody picked and (((BOOM))) you have a roll over lotto until i ready for a mistirious winner from south, central, deep west or deep east…

Serious question….how comw tobago NEVER win a lotto but its always in central? What are the odds? They don’t have lotto in Tobago or what?

That’s a good question, last time Tobago won was in the late 90’s.

do i get anything for 3 numbers without the power ball?

As usual that money is going to build up and only one person will win.

NLCB just put all 35 balls into a glass container on your live draw an have any random person select those balls. For sure you would have REAL winners. But…. That’s never going to happen…

Do I get anything for 2 numbers n a power ball in the lotto?

No u dont and why this site dont inform patrons on these results

I won a cashpot already for 13 thousand plus so I know it is not a rip off

Thats cash pot but have u ever seen a wining lotto plus ticket?

What I cannot understand in cash pot u get 3 numbers and the multiplier is 4 and the payout is $20.00 some operators give u $5.00 only and when queried the get annoyed because they are stealing from u? Why or what is that?

Why when queried the operator gets annoyed? Is not because they are stealing from u. Perhaps the operator is guided by the readout from the computer and does not know:
u get 3 numbers and the multiplier is 1 and the payout is $05.00.
u get 3 numbers and the multiplier is 2 and the payout is $10.00
u get 3 numbers and the multiplier is 3 and the payout is $15.00
u get 3 numbers and the multiplier is 4 and the payout is $20.00

Of course they are stealing. This is not their business it’s nlcb. Now I ask for the draw number slip and then cash my ticket to be sure of no thievery. Thanks for the info though.