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NLCB Lotto Plus Results are updated after the Lotto Plus draws which occur every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM. At the bottom of the displayed results is a search form that you can use to check previous Lotto Plus results. Your Lotto Plus ticket, not the play slip, is your only valid receipt. Winning tickets must be redeemed within 180 days of the Lotto Plus draw date. Good luck.

This is not the official NLCB website. However, our results are primarily acquired from the NLCB's televised draws to ensure accuracy.

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How to play Trinidad and Tobago Lotto Plus

How to Win and Collect Lotto Plus Prizes in Trinidad and Tobago

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24/25/26/27/28 – p.7

Yu OK?


Yes after 20 years of playing this I finally won i thank the lord so much for my success and I am truly grateful for my innings I do wish you all good luck in your playing

Congratulations on your Big Win. 1st next month is April Fools Day. You are 13 days early.

Hang up the Outlet # where you bought the winning ticket with date and time, we need to believe.

I wonnnnn !!!!!!!

OH Sʮɨʁʇ, a miss aaggaain !!!!! Nex Time,,,, Nex Time!!!!

Shit a miss again!!!.jpg

did lotto play tonight?

Yes, at 8:30 pm.

Put up the last Jack Pot and number of winners let me see what Justice have to say today.

We need to get our own lotto in draw in tobago cause this is trinidad nlcb lotto plus not trinidad and tobago

That’s a great idea! You’ll need to find out how much ticket sales in Tobago to come up with an “Estimated Jack Pot”. Based purely on population numbers assuming the percentage of Tobagonians play as much as Trinidadians (which I doubt), then the Tobagonians would have approximately 1/20 of the chance of winning to Trinidadians. That is one statistic. Here is the real Ting,
Every ticket holder has the same 1 in 3,246,320 chance of winning. Doe mind if you in Tobago, St Vincent, Grenada, or Venezuela, the odds are the same.

Lol…I am reading some of the comments and images with comments and really choking up here – guys…you all are the best, every one of YOU…too funny 😄
My suggestion is to keep it positive – your thoughts and your words🌸

A lil pecong an chupidness go make ppl laugh iz not to vex ppl.
When aksked what I do for my country today, I sa “I play Play Whe an Lotto Plus, Iz a tru tru patriot”.




Loot d lotto saying 2mil but bellow it’s saying 28mil bunch of illiterate ppl running this country.

Yea, yu chupid illiterate fool, if yu look above de $28 mill yu cud see de winning number for nex Wednesday jackpot too, iz the same as the last draw. Being able to read doe meen yu able to understand. They should make ppl take exam B4 they can use computer & smart fone!


Yea retard look at ur vocabulary and u talking about exams. Lol if u close ur face ud b able to understand that by now d estimated jackpot below d lotto numbers shud b 2mil not 28 sum they ain’t change it yet. So before u put ur toes in your mouth read and understand. U ain’t win a cent but u defending and talkin up in yuh ass. And plz take down ur profile pic nobody wanna see ur face.

Current means present, now, new Jack Pot $2,000,000
Then below is the date March 10 2018. That is Saturday gone yu kunumoonu.
The numbers is what played last Saturday, Yu Bobolee.
The $28 mill + is Last Saturday Jack Pot, yu Pong Poy
The 1 winner is again last Saturday draw yu MuKumFlow.
So what did you think it was? They printed numbers and one winner for next Wednesdays draw which is yet to occur? Or do you read pages form bottom up?
This is why we should have exams for idiots on computers and phones.

Give the man a break nah boy. It hard to tell which side is up and down with them new phones so he probably was just reading it upside down 🤣



Nobody forces anybody to play lotto but d game clearly states d rules to win. So ppl play to win but d system is rigged. The longest rope hav an end and as long as dry continue to steal from its ppl dey will never last. Lotto is fake and if we all stop playing or deman the system b changed to ensure the comfort of d ppl playing lotto den nothing will change. All who talking about d system fair and dey kno ppl who win lotto is bullshit. Now I not saying nobody ever win but ik for… Read more »

Make sense nah boy! The bigger the lotto is more money for the government.

Well said …..I’ve been saying this for a long time it really is rigged

My husband tellin me if I win de lottery dat money cya buy happiness.
So I tell he iz OK, at least I’ll be able den to live comfortably in misery.

My first time playing the game

I know someone personally who won d lotto. My personal view. I dont believe it rigged. Its a chance we all take.Toes mih foot hurting from walking u hv any uber donkey? I need a ride

Well it hutting mih all in mih ass i didnt win but ah go still play cause one day for u and one
for me.Ah wonder if he sharing??????

Gem, ah sorry yu foot an ass huttin yu, ah go sen some Ben Gay balm to rub an you tek a lil ress Doodoo. It have Uber Donkey. Wen yu need a ride check meh here a go sen “Jack Pot” to take yu up

For all them dutty mout ppl crying down NLCB, no body ent put no gun too all yu head an make yu hand over no money to de Lotto vendor yu do dat fu yu self! So they have no teef in dat. I sure sure 90% a de ppl playing don’t pay 1 red cent tax so forget tax payer money. If not bring yu B.I.R file # when yu going to play. When YOU win $28,000,000 you cud go on TV an let de whole world know an bring yu ticket for them to see! (bandit & stick… Read more »

Toes you have real patience boy to be replying to shit!!!

How much is the sellers prize?

TO the disappointment of thousands, the National Lotteries Control Board has announced that one person won the Lotto Plus and will take home the Jackpot of $28,121,220 – and 30 cents.

The winning numbers were 21-24-26-27-33 and powerball 7.

The ticket was purchased on Saturday at Hometown Pharmacy at Queen Street, Arima.

The Lotto Plus jackpot this week is $2 million.

The NLCB needs to show the winning ticket of this Lotto Draw. Is only then we would believe someone won the Lotto, because the ticket shows the date & time of purchase, the Booth that sold it and the serial numbers has to match the barcode on the ticket. They also have to show the Log Report ran on the close of Draw#1732 from the Control Room. Is only then we will all know that the ticket was actually purchased and won.

This thing is a big rip off , in America you must declare who the winner is , some government contactor friend get pay off ,from the hard sweat of tax payers , poor people money again , I want all cons and thieves God to strike down who taking poor people money and advantage of the poor

In T&T that person wld not live (if someone actually won)

That is fraud….that ticket they put on social media is not genuine….it has been scanned, edited saved then printed….what a disgrace…

See this


Help me anway

Renegade, you create that ticket below? I know it can be done and some people would do it for kicks.

Greetings to all , Greedy you are so right , CashPot use to be 80 and 90 thousand dollars a pot untill Lee Sing carry the game from 5 from 20 to 5 from 25 . I wrote NLCB and Lee Sing a letter telling them the pot will never cross $50 ,000 and it never did until they brought the game back to 5 from 20 . If we all write NLCB letters stating the above , Things may get more transparent . I took note of what you said and will be sending a notice to NLCB .… Read more »

I was saying all along the winner with those numbers had to be a Quick pick and the ticket was bought at the time of 19:12 which was 3;12 pm in the afternoon . Would of like to get a better print 0f the ticket but it look like a winner to me .

Correction 19:12 is 7:12pm, not that it makes a difference.
Interesting to see an externally audited account of what is done with the 2.8 billion NLCB makes yearly apart from giving themselves bonus and hampers and Hyatt parties etc.
$ I billion could buy 5 brand new boat to go Tobago. The other billion could fix all hospitals, open the not so new Childrens Hospital. Get rid a rat an pigeon in schools, an ah go le dem keep de 0.4 billion for their had wuk!! Whats you tink?

According to Watson Duke , I wanted someone to prompt me and out you came and did it but you are so right . Seriously what I gave was London GMT , Thanks for the correction Toes .

I jess had a mind it was GMT L0L, but wasn’t sure, keep writing Lee Sing and the board, hope one day you get a reply,, let us know if you do.
Good Luck.

They say d country have no money but look the kind of money them putting into a gamble stupzz

When the jackpot pass 5 million don’t play the money goes back to national lottery control board because I cant see so many people playing this shit and one person always winning its a scam

Zero winning it all these weeks but you surprised when only one person win it? :/ You know is a 1 in 3,246,320 chance right?

Aye, if is 5 million or 500 million, the odds remain the same 1 out of 3,246,230. So question is would you rather win $5 mill for a $5 ticket or say $28 mill for the same $5 ticket?
More money taken in, more money paid out.

For when dey aksk;

Lotto Numbers.jpg

Was there any winner. Why can’t this be disclosed immediately with results, after all we have a computerised system and still so backward.

I believe the government of Trinidad and Tobago F___king up its people and people too blind to realize it!!!

I will win this time in jesus name

Steups all that money and only 1 winner?

OK, all anyone win de lotto, hum much de dose pay?
1 an only one ticket won Jack Pot for $ 28,281,220 and may almighty God have mercy on his soul.
1 an only one ticket won 5 numbers $ 50,000
61 tickets won 4 numbers + Power Ball $1,500 e.a
482 tickets won 4 numbers $ 250
1606 tickets won 3 numbers + Power Ball $ 25 e.a
13,706 tickets won 3 numbers “Free Quick Pick”

I need this it d only opportunity to get Me out of poferty

Heyy gm.Did anyone win d lotto?