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NLCB Lotto Plus Results are updated after the Lotto Plus draws which occur every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM. At the bottom of the displayed results is a search form that you can use to check previous Lotto Plus results. Your Lotto Plus ticket, not the play slip, is your only valid receipt. Winning tickets must be redeemed within 180 days of the Lotto Plus draw date. Good luck.

This is not the official NLCB website. However, our results are primarily acquired from the NLCB's televised draws to ensure accuracy.

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How to Win and Collect Lotto Plus Prizes in Trinidad and Tobago

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I have two lotto tickets with draw numbers 1685, how is it I am only seeing draw number 1686 when I do a search and 1685 not seen!!! I need clarity on this because I will get my attorney involved..

Morning! This might be a stupid question, but do people actually win the lotto in our country? Just asking

My draw # is 1685 as well and there is no draw # found and this week is 1686. Whats up with that.

I get for numbers

Isn’t this draw supposed to be 1685

Bought a ticket bUT can’t seem to find the draw #1685….

I too, have 1685 on my ticket, so keep it, let’s see

If i purchase a ticket at 8:10pm is it still valid for tonight? What are the hours the ticket must be purchased

I have a winning ticket, but I’m afraid to go to any lotto boots to validate for fear of my identity being shared, can I go directly into nlcb to validate it and claim it…. and where is their head office?

You can give me it and won’t have to worry about identity

Jackpot winner takes ALL prizes, even the 5 numbers without the Powerball.

Where was the winning ticket sold. I know that this is not an official site but you seem to have more information than the rest of would it be possible for you to post where the winning ticket was people like me would have a general idea where the ticket was bought.

Petroleum Mart Maraval

Why isn’t the ticket published in the papers?

If it was the government that’s taking your money you’d think after all these years it would be leaked by now.

No body will ever win that it’s only for people to buy the tickets so they could make back the money they loseing on playway America will always b the best they lotto always b big and ppl do win it and they got everything to show u in Trinidad here u never see a winning ticket

Show us the winning ticket

I hope if someone really win d lotto _ they give back some to d unfortunate childrens home , go in d schools , give to d poor (kids at school) , help some sick in need , help ah poor person(s) fix they roof or buy them something , like a (mattress, fridge, stove,etc) just 1 not all eh _ give some Food hampers to d poor_ but remember to don’t get carried away by Richness or Greed _ May u have a KIND HEART towards the unfortunate, poor people ????

Money Madman allow to voice my opinion something (horrible ) . The lotto plus has been here since it inception in 1992. And not one f___king has has been done as single act of genorisity by a lotto winner to improve there neighbor or community. Belmont still looking like Belmont !! Laventille still looking like Laventille! !! Up on the hill matchbox still looking like f___ ING up on the hill match box !! Picton still looking like Picton . Duncan, George, Nelson , still looking P.D.G.N… In addition, I meet an individual I know to be a lotto winner,… Read more »

Congratulations to the government once again on winning the lotto..

It always puzzles me when I see posting that the ‘Government wins’ and know one actually wins the lotto. Well I know at least three (3) persons who won..

did they win anything over a million dollars?

I really believe this lotto is a big rip off… fooling the people.. cash pot real people does win.. lotto one person..that’s suspicious..

Congrats to the the always invisible winner….I wish people would quit playing, the number sequences are always similar..Very unlikely that anyone would bet like that! eg 15 16 7 23 24 25 etc In Europe this would never happen..too much corruption. These games are supposed to offer so kind of relief to the poor. It’s making them poorer instead, so it’s up to people to observe and wake up!!


well this was the most unpredictable numbers in a while.

There’s never a winner. It all goes back to NLCB and their associates. I recently met a woman from inside there who complains how corrupted and controlled “things” are…Now you guys know.

If there is a winner:

1. Do the other people with 3 or 4 numbers inclusive or exclusive or Powerball win anything?
2. Are their winnings taken from the estimated amount which effectively reduces the total winnings of the person(s) with 5 numbers and Powerball?
3. Is there a limit to the number of tickets a lotto vendor can sell in a day to one person?
4. In a situation with two or more winners, how is the prize split?
5. Winnings are tax free meaning V.A.T. free?
6. Are any other fees taken out when collecting your prize?

Good question…A thinking person!!

It would be really great if at least 15 people won this jackpot . But chances of this happened is like close to impossible…….

hi, what do you get if you get 3 numbers plus the powerball number? A quickpick?

1 or 7

How much did 4 numbers pay?

How much was four numbers and the power ball from Saturday night’s draw?

Only ah blasted $1500 steupss


What numbers do you like for the lotto today

What are the lotto numbers ? My data is somehow blocking me from seeing it …