The NLCB Play Whe Charts

Play Whe Chart

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The following table lists the 36 Trinidad and Tobago Play Whe numbers and associated marks.

Numbers Marks Numbers Marks
1 Centipede 19 Horse
2 Old Lady 20 Dog
3 Carriage 21 Mouth
4 Dead Man 22 Rat
5 Parson Man 23 House
6 Belly 24 Queen
7 Hog 25 Morocoy
8 Tiger 26 Fowl
9 Cattle 27 Little Snake
10 Monkey 28 Red Fish
11 Corbeau 29 Opium Man
12 King 30 House Cat
13 Crapaud 31 Parson Wife
14 Money 32 Shrimp
15 Sick Woman 33 Spider
16 Jamette 34 Blind Man
17 Pigeon 35 Big Snake
18 Water boat 36 Donkey

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what mark to play for mountain?

what is system 9?


1 line today

what’s the mark for shit?


You really want it? Look it here—- “ɷωϠЖ”.
Good Luck, hope you win.


What are they under in the morning

*Water boat + Meg*

17, 24, 1, 6,


Good day what’s the number for 4pm

So 25 will never play

Wats the winning mark for 4pm

35 alsoo

7 25 34 14 33 must get money

Seem like u no what u were saying 14 came…. wonder whats next

21 bring it NLCB bless me

13 30 21 32 25 but i liking 21 more under 28 fish mouth

Bess mark for 4pm

what is the winning mark for 4pm

what to play for 4pm

Any one knows what they under for tomorrow

2 2 6 6


What do u play when u dream your mom and yourself pregnant then bf comes n says he got another woman pregnant to

Play 6 & 32 & 24

play 4 35 11

Wat is d mark please play d 19 wit a mega please please

how many numbers in play whe can i play in one draw?

Play whe – another form of legit gambling to rob the citizens of the country. You are linked to the goverment and it has been alleged that nlcb profitted over $100000000 (one billion) tt dollars for the year already. To my knowledge the megaball have been skipped 9 draws and the odds are 1:3 which clearly shows us you control what you play. People please read carefully stop playing play whe and you’ll save more money. People run down this mega ball in hopes they can gain a little extra money but yet you continue to theif. I wish there… Read more »

aye henry do something good ok stop mining playwhe players business get a life

For 4 o’clock and 6:30 they are under 14 and 5 you all have any lucky numbers

29 22 2 32 20 7 34 11 3 27


I like 30,13,26

today we were under 4,33, 21, 7 look what came 34,3,8,12 instead dey bring 22 or 20 switch up n play 12 like wow