The NLCB Play Whe Charts

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Play Whe Chart

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The following table lists the 36 Trinidad and Tobago Play Whe numbers and associated marks.

2Old Lady20Dog
4Dead Man22Rat
5Parson Man23House
9Cattle27Little Snake
10Monkey28Red Fish
11Corbeau29Opium Man
12King30House Cat
13Crapaud31Parson Wife
15Sick Woman33Spider
16Jamette34Blind Man
17Pigeon35Big Snake
18Water boat36Donkey

There are additional NLCB Play Whe charts that people of Trinidad and Tobago often use when deciding on what "mark" they should play for Play Whe. They are as follows:

  1. The Play Whe 1-10 Line Chart
  2. The Play Whe 1/16 Chart
  3. The Play Whe Bank Chart
  4. The Play Whe Lucky Diamond Chart
  5. More charts coming soon

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That six finally drop…

What is bed

Oooohhh goooosh boy wta is dis I play da friggin 33 first draw fuh $30 an $5 mega ball an didn’t get to play it back in time for d 1pm draw……..daiz sour vibes

Playwhe&lotto is fraud they are only here to take your money

Fool then why give it to them.

It would be beneficial to all punters if a winners chart is available online so that verification of winnings can be determined before cashing .

If it so happen that you win big money,your name and address should be published in all newspaper. tEDnL

Well the bandit will kidnap your ass and kill your for a dollar