The National Lotteries Control Board Rules & Regulations

Players must be 18 years and over.

The ticket is the only valid proof of your number selection and is the only valid receipt accepted in order to claim your prize.

The NLCB is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

Tickets, transactions and winners are subject to all NLCB rules, regulations and procedures.

Tickets are void and will not be paid if unused, illegible, previously paid, mutilated, misprinted, not properly registered with the National Lottery Central Computer, or altered in any way.

The NLCB Contact Information

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National lottery board need to stop playing with those machines,and the general public to participate in picking the winning Lotto Plus numbers,manually and playwhe numbers,that 5 minutes is a scam and a big Ponzi Scheme to defraud our honest citizens trillions of dollars of their hard earned money,in a Corrupted game of chance runs by NLCB…that why?NLCB not generating revenues like before the general public is very intelligent people,it’s a form of tax from the general public…stop deceiving the destitute people under your corrupted games…causing broken homes and false promises to families and fabricating untrue stories the population. …All the… Read more »

NLCB causing broken homes and creating crimes in Trinidad and Tobago,to irregularities inside de rigged games,all games is unfair to the general public,NLCB defrauding the honest hardworking citizens trillions of dollars under false pretenses…

your prize values remain a cherished secret – why ?
they should be on your play slips

I don’t understand how to play the megaball

If you have three nos inclusive of the powerball do you receive anything?